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Never Settle

Never Settle. Within self, within business, within home…. within love. If it doesn't feel right, don't allow that energy to exist. Period. Learn to let go of what is no longer for you, and know that clearing space for what you desire, is what you deserve. Never allow anyone to persuade you otherwise.

The day you realize you were meant for so much more, that’s the day you begin to live. That’s the day you’ll forever look back on, thanking yourself for never settling on your happiness. You’re becoming the person you were meant to be, and you’ll realize it began the day you chose to never settle.

With Love,
Sammy & Shailey Collier

I have been LIVING in my sweat suit. Def worth the money!


Prob my fav Sweat pants & I have a lot!


My 13 year old keeps stealing my sweat set. now I have to buy one for him too!